Rockroost Kachina Logo with photos of Arkansas Crystal on LED base, Mini Crystal Cluster, Amethyst Stalactite Slice, Epidote Yellow Ribbon for the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq. 
May they all come home safe and sound!
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    About Us

    Location: Sierra Vista, Arizona.
    (70 miles southeast of Tucson, and 20 miles from the border with Mexico).
    At the foot of the Huachuca Mountains and home to historic Fort Huachuca
    (pronounced Wa-choo-ka).

    Approx 4600'
    Population: Approx. 39,000

    Arizona Paths Weather Button
    Wintertime Average:
    34.2 (Low) 58.4 (High)

    Summertime Average:
    64.6 (Low) 89.8 (High)

    We live in Cochise County - a county that is rich in history -

    Tales of the silver mines of Tombstone - 'the town too tough to die' - where the Earps, Doc Holliday and the Clantons shot-it-out at the OK Corral; and the days when the Butterfield Stagecoach ran over rough and dangerous territory;

    The proud Apaches, led by Cochise and Geronimo, who were forced to give up their homeland, after fighting to keep the settlers away; and the famed Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th & 10th Cavalry, who were charged with protecting those pioneers.

    We are fascinated by the endless possibilities that the Southwest has to offer - it's breathtaking scenery; beautiful birds and wildlife; history of the wild-wild-west; rock and mineral specimens; fossils and relics.

    Click on any image below to enlarge
    Our wedding day, 2003
    Our wedding day - November 2003
    Out on our ATVs
    Out on our ATVs near the San Francisco River in New Mexico
    Ready to cut our rocks
    Photo of us getting ready to cut rocks in our Lapidary workshop
    At our local Diner
    When a new Diner opened in Sierra Vista, we were there!
    As much of our spare time as possible is spent, off the beaten path, in the mountains of southern Arizona and New Mexico. We have a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck, a 28 ft. Motor Home, a tow-behind Jeep, and an ATV quadrunner. We love to spend every minute exploring dirt trails whether in our pick-up, Jeep or ATV. Since we are both now retired, we are enjoying expanding our off-road exploring and rockhounding exploits.

    We created this site to record the fun trips we have made; share the photos we have taken, the knowledge we have gained; and provide some helpful tips and links. We hope you enjoy it!
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    RockRoost website creators: Juliet Dobosz and the late Ron Burgess

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