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    Welcome to our Thunderegg Page.

    The name Thunderegg originated from an Oregon Indian Tribe living in the vicinity of the volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains, who believed that these volcanic nodules were missiles cast by the Thunder Gods during their quarrels. When referring to nodules or thundereggs, a common error of terms is often made among collectors & rockhounds. All species of nodules are nodules, whether they are hollow or not! Only when a nodule is hollow can it be correctly called a Geode.

    On this page we offer a selection of spectacular geodes and nodules that we collected from the Baker Lode Geode Mine in New Mexico (formerly known as the Baker Ranch agate nodules). According to this mine's owner, Robert Paul Colburn (aka The Geode Kid), "The Baker thundereggs are the rarest of world-class agate nodules and geodes. The Baker Mine has produced the most colorful agate thundereggs in the world. Some of the hollow crystal lined specimens have very rare quartz crystal encrusted stalactites". We considered ourselves very privileged when The Geode Kid allowed us to lead our local club, The Huachuca Mineral & Gem Club, on a Field Trip to his mine.

    We have carefully polished the surfaces of each geode to reveal the lustre, depth and beauty that they hold. No two are identical and a unique little world is captured in every one. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

    CONTACT: Please contact us! if you have any questions or need help ordering.
    If you are interested in learning more about Thundereggs.

    Click on any image below to enlarge!

    Geode #1

    Spectacular Chocolate
    Fortification Agate, with
    clear terminated Crystal
    Points and sedimentary
    Common Opal.

    2.6" x 2" (65 x 52mm)

    Geode #2

    Fortification Agate,
    Druse Quartz &
    Terminated Crystals.

    1.5" x 1.35" (40 x 35mm)

    Geode with agate and quartz crystals
    Geode #3

    A nice 'bowl' of terminated
    crystals on Fortification
    Agate, color shows
    through the crystal lining

    1.75" x 1.5" each half (45 x 40mm)

    Geode with Stalactite formations


    March 19th, 2007
    "We received the Geode today. It's so much more beautiful in person!"
    Julie & Troy, California.
    Geode #4

    This larger geode has dark chocolate fortification agate and is lined with druse crystals the color of eggplant. It also has a few, well defined small crystal points.

    2 1/2" x 2 1/2" each half (64 x 64mm)

    Geode with Stalactite formations

    Stalactite Geode #1

    Partial Geode with
    Spectacular Stalactites
    in a 'Cave' of quartz crystals.

    2.75" x 2" (68 x 50mm)

    Geode with agate and quartz crystals
    Stalactite Geode #2

    A crystal lined geode with Chocolate colored fortification agate. It has numerous stalactites encrusted with secondary crystals and some sedimentary creamy common opal. It is priced according to its size and rarity of its stalactites.

    2 1/2" x 2" each half (60 x 50mm).

    Geode with agate and quartz crystals

    Stalactite Geode #3

    Stunning crystal lined geode with crystalized stalactites and a nice 'floor' of sedimentary common opal. .

    2" x 1 1/2" each half (50 x 37mm).

    Thunderegg #1 from Luna County, NM
    Thunderegg #1

    Exquisite Banded Agate
    Colors Range from Brilliant
    Red to Grey Center looks
    like a burning flame

    2" x 1.5" (51 x 38mm)

    Nodule #2 from Luna County, NM
    Thunderegg #2

    Almost a Geode

    Banded Agate. Nice variation
    of colors with interesting pockets

    2" x 1.75" (52 x 45mm)

    Nodule #3 from Luna County
    Thunderegg #3

    Encompassed in Agate

    Quartz Crystal Plumes
    Through a Clear Quartz Matrix

    2" x 1.5" (50 x 35mm)

    Geode containing multiple stalactites
    Thunderegg #4

    One face looks like
    the profile of a young girl
    The other like that
    of an elderly woman.

    1.5" x 1.25" (30 x 45 mm)

    Nodule #5
    Thunderegg #5

    Chatoyant. Cinnamon to
    Pink Banded Agate.

    2" x 1.5" (50 x 34 mm)

    Natural Crystals on LED light bases

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