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    Japan Law Twins

    Most desired by mineral collectors, worldwide, this type of quartz twinning is rare.

    These quartz crystals invariably meet at an angle of 84033' and they are reflectional twins. The angle at which the individual crystals seem to meet (at nearly 90 degrees) appears to be on the same plane but is actually irregular. The 'notch' of the re-entrant can be very small or very large, depending on their length in relation to their width. However, the angle is always the same!

    Click Image to enlarge: World Class specimen of a Japan-Law quartz crystal twin out of Peru. From the private collection of Mike Anderson at The Blue Opal This world-class specimen is a Japan-law twin quartz crystal from Peru. It is in the private collection of our friend and mentor - Mike Anderson at The Blue Opal

    Exceptional examples of this law of twin, have been found at a mine west of Tokyo, Japan where they grew in pockets of quartz and achieved sizes of up to 45cm from tip to tip. Because they were also frequently found in other areas of Japan, they were named appropriately.

    This kind of twinning has been found in other areas throughout the world:

    Outstanding examples have emerged near Mount Ida, Arkansas. Other fine twins have come from the PC mine in Jefferson County, Montana. Washington Camp, in the Patagonia Mountains of southern Arizona has yielded many excellent Japan Law twins. They have also been found in Brazil, Pakistan, Peru and the European Alps.

    Pictured below is our best specimen of Japan-law twin crystals. We found it on one of our prospecting trips in the Washington Camp/Duquesne area, south of Tucson, almost two years ago.For more about that trip visit Prospector's Corner

    Click image to enlarge - Specimen of two Japan-law twin quartz crystals found by us in the area of Washington Camp, Arizona - view of the larger of the two twins.
    Click image to enlarge - Specimen of two Japan-law twin quartz crystals found by us in the area of Washington Camp, Arizona - view of the smaller of the two twins which sits directly behind the larger twin

    What makes this specimen extraordinary is what can be seen in the second picture. This shows the back of the larger twin, revealing a 2nd smaller twin behind.

    To find two Japan law twins in the same matrix makes this quite a rare piece indeed. We have several other less significant examples of this kind of twin crystal but the one shown here is our favorite.

    This was one of the first pieces we incorporated into our collection. We have accumulated a small but unique collection of specimens and we will be sharing this and any new finds with our visitors.

    Quartz And Opal Geode

    This was the first one we cut from our Deming, NM trip. It has a cavity of beautiful Quartz Crystals and the other section is blue Opal. Truly a great piece for our collection. Read the full story at Prospector's Corner

    The outside of our prized geode.
    Click Image to enlarge
    A Geode in the hand is worth...
    Click Image to Enlarge
    Wow.........what a find!

    All three pieces.
    Click on Image to enlarge

    Wulfenite from our trip to the Total Wreck Mine

    Read the full story at Prospector's Corner of our trip to the Total Wreck Mine.

    So Fragile
    Click Image to enlarge
    Great Definition
    Click image to enlarge
    Another Specimen
    Click image to enlarge
    Not the same bright color
    Click to enlarge

    As you can see by the photos above, the crystals are small and delicate. They appear to be growing out of the surface of the host. Well, they did at one time but obviously they are now just going along for the ride. These are probably not what an accomplished collector might put in his collection, but for us they will do for now.

    Be sure to check back with us often as we will be adding more specimens.

    Comments? Questions? Suggestions?
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