Rockroost Kachina Logo with photos of Arkansas Crystal on LED lighted base, Miniature Quartz Crystal Cluster, Slice of Amethyst Stalactite, Epidote Yellow Ribbon for the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq. 
May they all come home safe and sound!
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    Arizona, New Mexico

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    New Mexico

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    Site Reconnaisance, March 12th.

    True Rockhounds!

    On Friday night, we had already accomplished our visit to the Deming Rockhound Roundup. So, when we ran into fellow members of our own club, we were ready for an adventure.

    Rockhound Roundup!
    Field-trip starting point -
    March 13th 8:00 am.

    In the morning, it was so foggy we couldn't see much more than we did last night!

    When we got to Rockhound State Park we missed the campsite area and had to be rescued by our fellow rockhounds!

    One of group drove down the short distance to guide us to our meeting point.

    Wagons HO!

    Follow the leader.

    Off on our favorite dirt roads:
    This paved road didn't last for long and we were glad we had written down the directions, last night, to the site in case we got separated.

    Starting to see our way.

    Tower in the mist.
    (Look for this in a later picture.)

    So far, so good!

    Thank goodness, we all had 4-wheel drive vehicles

    But we got up this hill in 2-wheel drive.

    An uphill climb.

    Are we in the right place?
    When we got to the top of the hill we wondered if we had gone too far... so we waited while our leader found the right place. Of course, during our wait, we all had to see what treasures might be revealedLeaving no stone unturned.

    No - Time to turn around!.

    A lonely Century Plant pointed the way back down the hill but we had be careful not to get stuck in a treacherous rut that had been washed out by the rain.
    Keep to the LEFT!

    Coming back down the hill.

    At last, in the RIGHT place!
    The Rockhound Two-step.

    Prickly Pear and Barrel Cactus.

    Florida Mountains in the mist.
    There and back again!

    What was hidden, now revealed.

    The end of a great trip.

    More photos
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    An article on our Deming Trip and our fantastic find is included in Prospector's Corner.
    So be sure to check that page too!

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