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    Hello! Welcome to another page of my Corner.

    Quest for the Baker ThunderEgg, Deming, NM


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    Ron, your friendly Prospector

    "If you put more money into your Rock Collection and Equipment than you put into your bank might be a rockhound".

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    The cacophony of the clock-radio alarm heralded the beginning of what was to be a great day - the day we were leading the club trip to the Baker Ranch mine in New Mexico! Our faithful pick-up was loaded with buckets, tools, plenty of water and food when we pulled out of our driveway at 6:00 am and headed to the first meeting place in Douglas, Arizona.

    Dawn of a Great Day!

    Click to enlarge

    We thought we were going to be the first to arrive at the Chevron Station at 7:35 am but were surprised to find one member was already waiting and another not far behind! By the time we headed on to the next meeting place at Animas, New Mexico, there were 11 vehicles in the convoy.

    Douglas Starting Point.

    Click to enlarge

    In our directions for the trip we had stated the second meeting point was Betty's Gas & Grill in Animas, New Mexico. When we got to the Gas & Grill we were greeted by several other eager participants who wasted no time in pointing out our error - it was Linda's Gas & Grill. During the time it took for everyone to line up to use the one and only unisex bathroom we made our apologies to Linda, who didn't seem to mind!

    Meeting in Animas

    Click to enlarge

    Much to our relief our club president met us at Animas! We had been worried that he might be unable to join us that day, as he had been sick the previous week. (He had volunteered to lead interested members on another field trip on Sunday.) However, he had already sent word with one couple in the club that people from the Sunsites club had planned to join the convoy at Hachita. So they proceeded to that point where they gathered 3 more vehicles.

    Hermanas Line-up

    Click to enlarge
    Impatient Rockhounds.

    Click to enlarge

    By the time we reached the cattle pens at Hermanas we had accumulated 16 vehicles filled with excited rockhounds who were impatient to get to work. So impatient that they were hopping out of their vehicles and picking up rocks, as those in vehicles that could go no further, parked and found rides to the site with others.

    Arriving at the Mine

    Click to enlarge
    Gathering our tools.

    Click to enlarge

    After wending our way over the rough, winding road that led to the mine, everyone eagerly attacked various spots of the mine dump. Those who had been there before helped identify what everyone was searching for.

    Pick a Spot!

    Click to enlarge
    Getting busy!

    Click to enlarge

    There was a great variety of geodes and partial geodes for everyone.

    Digging in!

    Click to enlarge
    We'll be here for a while!

    Click to enlarge

    One club member found a geode piece containing blue opal. Others, who delightedly dropped them in their buckets, found nice partial geodes with stalactites and crystals. Some simply dug quietly and accumulated a great selection of nicely rounded geodes to be taken home and cut open later.

    Clowning Around!

    Click to enlarge
    On top of the mountain!

    Click to enlarge

    Hopefully we will see the results of this trip at the club meetings, during the next few months. We heard many positive comments on the trip and hope everyone had as great a time as we did.

    Another kind of Rockhound!

    Click to enlarge
    The Baker Lode Mine Pit.

    Click to enlarge

    Our thanks go to: Robert Colburn (AKA the Geode Kid) for allowing us to visit his mine which is usually only open to the public during the Deming Rockhound Roundup in March. Larry & Anne Nelson for their invaluable assistance in suggesting the trip and providing detailed maps at our meeting. Bill Jaeger for leading trips to South Canyon and Radium Springs on Sunday.

    This is an example of a Baker Ranch Geode
    Geode with red fortification agate, druse quartz & terminated crystals.
    Click here to enlarge

    Be sure to visit our second shopping page featuring World-class Thundereggs from the Baker Lode Geode Mine. We were fortunate enough to collect these beautiful gems during some of our trips to Deming, New Mexico. Some nodules are filled with multi-colored Agate; some are lined with Quartz Crystals and common Opal; some (extremely rare) contain gorgeous Quartz Crystal encrusted Stalactites.

    I want to wish you all the best in your rockhounding endeavors and remember......

    Be Safe, Fill your holes, Close all gates behind you, and respect the property of others. This will help protect the open access we have come to enjoy in the Great Southwest.

    I update frequently with new articles. Information contained in these is from reliable sources and personal experiences with a little humor thrown into the mix from time to time. So come back and visit often!

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    Equipment, Supplies And Information for the Amateur, Novice and Expert.

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